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3 Best Apps to keep track of your phones remotely

If you are a parent of a teenage daughter or husband/wife of a transgression spouse, you might at times want to keep a check on the latter. Thanks to Android and the developers we now can do it remotely. I list the 3 best apps (and Free) that would help achieve it.

1. Call And SMS Tracker:

What more one needs than to be able to read Call records and SMS texts of your dependents. This app has to be installed on the mobile of user whom you want to monitor. While installing you need to enter email id which will be used during logging in to the website or to retrieve lost password. Once installed you can remotely check the texts and records by logging in at http://callsmstracker.com/cst/.

The best part of this app is that it also shows the location at which the call was made or sms was sent/received.

It also has option to download all records as CSV file.

2. Cell Tracker

If you want to just monitor the location details of a person every half and hour this is the app you should be looking at. Once installed on the user’s mobile it will send the location information every half an hour to the server and you can view the track by logging in to http://trackMyPhones.com/ct/.

3. Thief Tracker

If you want to know who is trying to unlock your phone when you are not around, try this app. This innovative app monitors your unlock patter/pin and when someone tries to unlock and fails 3 consecutive time it takes photo from front camera and sends it to your registered mail id.

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  1. Izad says:

    Let’s test…

  2. Sam says:

    Can you remotely.install it on a phone.not in your position

  3. yoni amelia says:

    Lagi mencoba menggunakan aplikasi ini,moga aja bisa membantu melacak lokasi orang2 yg kita sayangi dan jga melacak semua tmpt yg kita singgahi melalui hp yg menggunakan aplikasi ini…terus kembangkan karya nya ya?untuk mempermudah semua kegiatan…sip

  4. gasper luoga says:

    How can I download it,it is nice

  5. moiz says:

    It’s a nice aap pls download it guys it’s very useful don’t take it easy install this aap before u r phone is stolen and a very good thing it’s totally free thanks tmf team I love u