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Chat Message Tracker – Free Android Remote Tracking App

Read WhatsApp and Facebook Chats Remotely

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Based on how most chat apps are designed, people get to know when you’re online, and they can even tell when you’ve read their messages. They get to see your new profile picture anytime you upload a one, and can even view your statuses on WhatsApp. The thing though is that all these have their pros and cons. This starts to get especially annoying when you’re trying to avoid someone or when you need to maintain your privacy.
So, do you give up your chat app just because of your privacy? You don’t have to. You now have an app that can help you view your chat messages remotely, without the sender knowing that you have seen it. Read on to know the other benefits of this app, and how you get it working.

Chat Message Tracker app

The chat message tracker app gives you remote access to all your incoming chat messages from your device. This app works with any chat application including Hangout, Skype, Facebook and WhatsApp. This app also gives you information about the location of the device during the time of chat message receipt.

How to get it Working

The app is quite easy to use. You just need to download and then install the app. Then, you’ll need to register. Usually, you’ll need your email I.D as well as a pin to register on the app successfully. Once this is sorted out, the app automatically starts to read messages by default. If, however, you wish to stop the app from reading any more messages, all you have to do is disable it. There’s a notification that’ll you’ll get any time you log into the website and retrieve messages from it.

There’s an option to reset the app in the settings if you decide to clear stored chats. The chats messages can only be accessed when you login into the app’s website and click on the “get detail” button. For enhanced security, the chat messages will not be transferred to any server without you giving your consent.
The app keeps track of all messages coming in, and saves a copy for you. Besides, you can also set the app to trace certain specific incoming messages. You should note that for this app to read chat messages, you have to give it access to the notifications of the other apps on your device. Chat messages are saved remotely in the app, and can only be available to users via the website.

Benefits of the app

Of course, the primary use of this app is that it gives you remote access to all incoming chat messages from your chat apps. By doing this, the app helps you protect your privacy. It also gives you information about the location where your device received the messages. With this app, you can have access to the chats and messages even after the sender has deleted them. Plus, you don’t have to have your phone with you to access the messages. Just log in to http://trackmyphones.com/cmt/ and view your messages.
The app enables you to choose which message you want to be tracked. Besides, you get to view all your messages from different can’t app through a more easy navigation process. Don’t forget that you get to save your messages from different apps in a single location without any fee. To crown it all, the app is available to you for free, and you can download it from this link http://trackmyphones.com/cmt/
The chat message tracker is an easy solution for your privacy worries. Simply use the app the next time you wish to view a message secretly.


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