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Most common questions are listed below. We request you to go through it and if your query is not listed here contact us here.


No data is shown on the website

Data will be collected by the app only after its installed. Once installed the data can be pulled by user by logging in to this site and clicking on “Get Details” Button.

After installation make some calls and send sms and then try to pull data from site.


I uninstalled the app and trying to register again but the app says “Email Id Already registered”

Email id can be registered only once. In case you have uninstalled without deregistring, login to website and click on
“Unregister”. After that you can reuse the same email id.


How many devices can be associated with one email id?

As of now only 1 device can be associated with 1 email id. If you want multiple device associated with 1 email id, try our
Tracking Smartphone App.


How do I unregister and delete all data from server?

Login to website and click on unregister, this will delete your registration details and all data associated with that email id.



If the app is installed and i forget to uninstall or check status online will app be sending data forever?

Data will not be sent to server automatically. It has to be pulled by user after logging in. So even if you forget to uninstall there will be no data transferred to our server ever.



Can this app be used as spy app or to monitor someone else?

No. Our apps cannot be used as Spy or monitoring app for other device. The notification will be shown whenever data is read or pulled. Please read terms of service carefully before using.

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