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GCM Based Tracking – How is it better or worse than push!

GCM Based Tracking – How is it better or worse than push.

As Per Google Play:

Google Cloud Messaging for Android (GCM) is a service that allows you to send data from your server to your users’ Android-powered device, and also to receive messages from devices on the same connection. The GCM service handles all aspects of queueing of messages and delivery to the target Android application running on the target device.

Any App which needs to have push notification enabled has to get a GCM ID from Google and update it to server. The server then can send alters to the mobile by calling Google API with GCM Id. This can be used to:

– Sync items (emails, chats, SMS)
– Update Application (notify user about app updates)
– Invoke Functions – Application can use GCM Notification to do things such as wipe out phone or take picture from front camera and mail it to user


GCM has its own limitation. GCM messages gets delayed sometimes so its not perfectly reliable. There is limit to the message length that can be sent, etc.

Use of GCM in Call & SMS Tracker App:

Call and SMS tracker app pushes Call and SMS logs to our server which can be read later by logging in. Without GCM the app had to continuously push call and sms logs whenever it a call is received/made or sms is sent/received. If the user forgets to uninstall the app and even forgets to login to website and read it, the app keeps pushing all details.

This is avoided by using GCM. User now can request for details only when its required. This way User if user forgets to login or uninstall the app when not required the information is still not sent out of the mobile.


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